Review: CNN’s Inside Man takes a superficial look at Stockton’s bankruptcy

In Opinion on August 13, 2013 at 7:00 am
Morgan Spurlock tries on the uniform of the Stockton chapter of the Guardian Angels on CNN's Inside Man via CNN

Morgan Spurlock tries on the uniform of the Stockton chapter of the Guardian Angels on CNN’s Inside Man via CNN

When word broke that Morgan Spurlock was going to do an episode of his new CNN show Inside Man on Stockton’s bankruptcy saga it’s safe to say everyone kind of freaked out. It was a somewhat appropriate reaction since financial problems rarely bring the best out in people, let alone an entire city, and there was a good chance that whatever Spurlock discovered in his time here wouldn’t exactly paint the town in a positive light. It shouldn’t be painted any other way obviously, but when you have to live with the screw ups of the past every single day you don’t exactly get excited when some outsider comes in to poke at the open, festering wound.

I’d been a fan of Spurlock’s for a while (30 Days was a vastly underrated series) and was looking forward to watching him wade through all of the interested parties and dig down deep into what caused the problems that have essentially defined Stockton for the past decade. While he did a great job of side stepping the sideshows that cropped up during his visit, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed after the hour-long show finally aired on Sunday.


Danger Zone for 5/13-5/16

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The Danger Zone is the name of the Port City Sun crime reports. All information is pulled from the Stockton Police Department’s twice daily watch reports which you can sign up for at or by following the Stockton Police Department on Facebook. These are not the complete reports, just the ones I find interesting. It’s a very scientific process.

Monday May 13th

Battery on an Officer/Resisting Arrest 4500 block of N Pershing Ave 10:12am

Officer pulled over a 20-year-old male and cited him for traffic and vehicle violations. According the the report the driver was angry and yelling while being cited and almost hit the officer’s motorcycle while backing up. The driver then began sounding his horn while continuing to yell. When the officer approached the vehicle again the driver threw his license out the window of his car at the officer. Officer attempted to take driver into custody and driver resisted. Driver was taken to the ground where he continued to resist and kicked the officer while reaching into his pockets. Another officer arrived to assist and tased the driver. The original officer was injured during the arrest and was taken to a local hospital before returning to duty. 20-year-0ld Ansel Besabe was arrested.

Tuesday May 14th

Robbery Martin Luther King Blvd at American St 7:42pm

A man was panhandling at MLK Blvd and American St when 3 Hispanic males approached him, struck him with a pipe and took his wallet. Victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment to cuts on forehead and torso.

Wednesday May 15th

No significant incidents reported

Thursday May 16th

Homicide 6700 block of Plymouth Rd 12:49am

Officers responding to a call of a person shot discovered 30-year-old male Albert Wright of Fairfield suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. He was transported to a local hospital where he died.

Person Shot California St at Worth St 8:00pm

A 25-year-old male had pulled over to the side of the road near his friend’s house when a grey 4-door car that had been following him pulled up in front of him and stopped. A 5’9″ black male in his 20s got out of the rear passenger seat, approached the car, and fired at the driver through the door, striking the driver in the leg. The suspect got back in the vehicle and the car drove off. Driver fled and was then taken to the hospital for treatment to non-life threatening injuries.

Nick Diaz is going to War

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Splash image from

Splash image from

Retired Stockton mixed martial artist Nick Diaz may soon be getting back into the sport that made him famous. reported on Tuesday that Diaz intends to start his own MMA promotion entitled War Mixed Martial Arts which would be based in Stockton. Sherdog was also able to confirm with the California State Athletic Commission that Diaz has applied for a temporary promoter’s license which, if approved, would allow Diaz to promote one event. Afterwards he would be allowed to apply for a full promoter’s license if the initial event goes well.

That event is rumored to take place at the Stockton Arena on June 22nd, but all of that is contingent on Diaz getting his temporary promoter’s license approved. It’s unclear who would appear on the rumored card. June 22nd is an ambitious start date for a promotion that hasn’t legally formed yet. Diaz would have a pool of talent to pull from at his local gym that he runs in the area and Northern California has never had a shortage of aspiring mixed martial artists. A six-week training camp would be on the low end of typical fight preparation, especially if Diaz plans on tapping regional rookies.

One person who you can probably count on not fighting would be Diaz himself. Diaz, who retired after losing a lopsided decision to UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre back in March, likely has at least one fight left on his UFC contract and would have to be released from his contract by UFC President Dana White in order to come out of retirement to fight for another promotion. His decision to start his own promotion makes that unlikely.