The Five W’s of the Port City Sun

In News on September 16, 2011 at 9:29 am

It’s been over a year since I announced this little project I lovingly call The Sun, so I figured it’d be a good idea to refresh everyone’s memory on what it is, what the goal is and anything else you could possibly want to know about it. Since I’m kind of a huge journalism nerd, my explanation will be in the form of the 5 questions that should be answered in any news story. So here’s the 5 W’s of the Port City Sun…

Right now it’s just me. I’m Dan Congrave. I’m a 27 year old Stockton resident who moved here from the Bay Area at the tender age of 2. I’ve been writing on the internet in various unpaid capacities since I was 14, starting with a column on a now defunct pro wrestling website. I’ve also blogged about the Sacramento Kings over at the irreplaceable Sactown Royalty. I also freelanced briefly for a bit for 209Vibe, the Stockton Record’s defunct monthly entertainment magazine, mostly reviewing bars. And, of course, I’ve blogged a lot under various anonymous names as people on the internet are wont to do.

Ideally this site won’t just be me. If you would like to contribute feel free to contact me at If it fits within our normal coverage (more on that in a second), I’ll try my best to find a place for it. If it’s good enough I’ll even try and compensate you. Just don’t expect much early on since my sole source of funding for now is me. Obviously depending on ad sales, I’ll be able to pay more/bring on more contributors. Sorry if I got off on tangent there, just wanted to be up front with all that stuff. If you want to help out, please get a hold of me. We’ll work something out.

For a lack of a better term, the Port City Sun is an online newspaper. You can call it a news site, or a blog, or whatever you want. I call it an online newspaper because it will have a journalistic tone not unlike what you would find in a printed newspaper. Granted, it’ll be a little less rigid and more bloggy than that as we explore the other options the medium of the internet provides, but you should still consider it a free online source for news about Stockton because that’s exactly what this site it.

As far as what The Sun will offer, well I’m not totally sure yet. I’ve got the basics down as you can probably tell from the main page. There will be general news coverage and some sports coverage. Entertainment will be a big focus of the site because it’s not really being covered very well locally at the moment and I’d like to fill that hole. There will naturally be some opinion in there too because it’s hard not to have an opinion about all the crazy shenanigans in this town. And I’ll be doing some podcasts too that cover a little bit of all those subjects.

Mostly what we cover will be up to you, the reader. Any look at a newspaper’s letters to the editor or (God forbid) their online comments section shows that people have a strong opinion on what they want to read. So I want to hear what you want. All I ask is to articulate your opinion intelligently and and be specific. A person who writes in and says “News is all negative, I want to read positive stuff” is generally going to get ignored because I can’t really stop negative stuff from happening. I’m much more inclined to listen to someone who can tell me what I’m missing out on and why it’s valuable than someone who just tells me they don’t like my content. If you don’t like that, feel free to start a blog that picks apart all the articles on my site. I’m pretty sure some people would see that as poetic justice.

This one should be pretty obvious. This site will mostly focus on stuff going on in and affecting Stockton, CA. You know, the Port City. It won’t be limited to just Stockton stuff, there’s going to be a post about the Lodi Grape Festival next week for example, but for the most part I’ll try and keep it localish. If something big is going on in Lodi, Tracy, or Manteca I won’t just flat out ignore it, it will just depend on the resources I have available at the time. I’m not even totally opposed to covering stuff in Modesto, I just don’t like going over there. If you want that kind of coverage, like I said, let me know. Otherwise we’ll just try and keep it as centered around Stockton as possible.

Damn, this one doesn’t really apply, does it? Not to get all metaphysical on you but the when is now. This is the soft launch of the site with a bigger plans on the horizon once stuff gets going. I also plan on having somewhat of a regular posting schedule, so I guess the question of when could also apply there. The goal is a minimum of 3 days of updates that can be flexible based on the amount of news going on that week. Since there’s always some show going on at the Blackwater or Plea for Peace Center, there should at least be enough content to update it that much initially. And don’t worry, even though there will be a podcast, I won’t pull a Bill Simmons and let the writing take a back seat to the talking. The audio will compliment the visual, not the other way around.

I already covered this here. Please forgive the cheesy tagline at the end.


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