Nothing to do: Sept. 22nd-Sept. 25th

In Entertainment on September 21, 2011 at 1:30 pm

Another week, another list of all that nothingness Stockton apparently has going on. Wednesdays will be this feature’s regular spot so we can include Thursdays and give you time to plan out your Fridays. Yes, I’m still looking for a better name for these posts. Your suggestions are welcome.

Also, big thanks to Wes Rhea of the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. His events calendar over at is indispensable in helping find out what’s going on in Stockton throughout the week. By the way, the CVB’s Restaurant Week is still going on and runs through Sunday.

Thursday Sept. 22nd

Funky Thursdays at Java Aroma (feat. Ship of Foolz) 8pm – 10pm Free

Notorious hipster hangout Java Aroma hosts Funky Thursdays from 8-10 with Stockton funk fusion band Ship of Foolz. I can’t personally vouch for the quality of said funk since I haven’t seen Ship of Foolz before, but I assume they’re pretty funky. If you’re looking for something inexpensive to do while perhaps sipping some coffee, you could do much worse than Funky Thursdays.

Stockton Symphony “Classics I: Rhythms From the Americas” (feat. Martina Filjak on piano) at SJDC Atherton Auditorium 8pm (Also Sat. at 6pm) $10-$55

The Stockton Symphony kicks off its season on Thursday and Saturday with their Rhythms From the Americas concert which will feature performances of classic pieces such as Gershwin’s Cuban Overture, Maurice Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G major, plus Orchestral Variations and El Salón México by Aaron Copland (no relation to the Stallone/DeNiro Cop Land).

As usual with these performances the Symphony has brought in a guest in the form of pianist Martina Filjak of Croatia whom the Plain Dealer has described as “An adventurous musician with exceptional command of keyboard possibilities.”

Friday Sept. 23rd

The Antechamber, Double Block and Bleed, The Caps, and Seeker at the Plea for Peace Center 7pm $5

If you want to check out some local indie bands the Plea for Peace Center has another slate of shows this weekend. On Friday the shows theme is apparently ex-members of the band Scattered Fall which was a pretty good band back in their day. Plea for Peace was kind enough to provide a YouTube link to one of Double Block and Bleed’s previous performances if you’d like to see if their style of music works for you (if you can forgive the sound quality of course).

Jim Messina at the Bob Hope Theatre 7:30pm $25

I’ll be honest, I have no idea who Jim Messina is, but apparently he was an original member of country rock band Poco and once formed a soft rock band with Kenny Loggins back in the 70s. More recently, according to his Wikipedia page, he released a Latin-based album in 2009 that featured him exclusively on the Flamenco guitar. Needless to say, the guy’s got range. Plus, he was the last bass player for Buffalo Springfield, so that has to count for something. If any of that sounds appealing, then head on over to the Bob Hope Theatre on Friday and soft rock out.

Saturday Sept. 24th

The American Bully Competition at Stockton 99 Speedway 10am $10 (kids free)

You have 3 guesses as to what the American Bully Competition is. Give up? According to their website it is the first in a series of dog shows centering around pit bulls (aka bullies). Yes, the Bully Competition is a family event and not a series of physical challenges like “locker stuff” and “swirlie hold”. In addition to the traditional dog show, there will be a bunch of automotive events like a drifting competition and a burnout contest (which does not, in fact, feature a bunch of stoners doing physical challenges like “Find the Zig-Zag” or “Thumb Wrestling for a Twinkie”). Throw in some live music and this event is fun for the whole family.

Family Day at the Park presented by The Record at University Park 9:30am – 3:30pm Free

If you’d like a family event with less of a Michael Vick vibe (or if you just have younger kids who are scared of dogs), then the Record is hosting their annual literacy fair this weekend at University Park with most of the stuff you’d expect at an event like this. There will be mascots, clowns, story telling, and the Friends of the Library used book sale.

Instauration Fest (feat. 8 local bands) at the Plea for Peace Center 4pm $10

The 9:00 News, Point of View, Hit Reset, Redlight Greenlight, Steeproof, Hella Down, Cheapshots, and Knucklebucket will be at the Plea for Peace Center Saturday afternoon for Instauration Fest, a celebration of local pop punk bands. In addition to a BBQ, the show marks Steeproof’s CD release show. While some of the bands at Friday’s show call San Francisco home, Instauration Fest features only 2 bands west of the Altamont with the rest of the bands hailing from Stockton, Lodi, or Tracy. The 209 area has always had an eclectic mix of talented local musicians and this event is a great way to support local artists.

Sunday Sept. 25th

The Legends of Def Comedy Jam 1 at the Bob Hope Theatre 8pm $43.50-$118.50

Joe Torrey, Tommy Chunn, Howie Bell, Tiffany Haddish, and B Phlat highlight this tour of the Def Comedy Jam all stars Sunday night. All of them have numerous accolades that are too voluminous to list but Joe Torrey, in addition to being Guy Torrey’s brother, was the guy who took over as host of Def Comedy Jam when Martin Lawrence left the show in 1992. A long while back I attended a Def Comedy Jam show in Stockton and they’re definitely entertaining, either via the act on the stage or through people watching in the crowd (I’d never seen a pimp suit in the wild until that night). Regardless, if you opt to attend this comedic showcase you definitely won’t be bored on a Sunday night.


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