The Danger Zone for the weekend of 9/23-9/25

In News on September 26, 2011 at 9:47 am

Friday Sept. 23rd

Robbery Pacific Ave Denny’s 12:25pm

A 3-year-old boy was standing near the payphones in Denny’s when a suspect described as a black male with long dreadlocks and a scruffy beard, age 28-32 (5’9″-5’10” 150-170lbs) snatched some dollar bills from his hands. When confronted by the child’s parents and aunt the suspect threw the money down and produced a switch blade before fleeing northbound on a mountain bike.

Saturday Sept. 24th

Person Shot Palisades Dr at Hammer Ln 1:45am

A 21-year-old man was riding in a car when it was fired upon multiple times. Victim was struck in the upper body and was taken to the hospital in critical condition,

Sunday Sept. 25th

Person Shot W Willow St at Commerce St 1:20am

29-year-old male was walking near his residence when a black male in his 20s whom the suspect recognized from around the area fired 2 shots at him without provocation, striking him in the right knee.

Person Shot Erickson Cir at Cottrell Lane 2:00am

An 18-year old male arrived at a hospital with a gunshot wound in his lower right leg. He told officers that he was walking home and felt a pain in his right leg. Victim discovered he had been shot, despite not hearing a gunshot, and drove himself to the hospital for treatment. Victim’s statement was deemed inconsistent with his claims and his wound is believed to be self-inflicted.

Person Shot Harrison St at Park St 5:25am

An intoxicated 25-year-old female walked into a hospital with a gunshot wound in her right thigh. She could only recall hearing three gunshots and a vehicle speeding away in the reported area. Prior to incident there was a report of shots fired near the area at Baker and Flora.

Person Shot 6600 block of Gunton Way 7:30am

A 19-year-old male was standing outside when a brown, mid-90s four door Buick drove by and made a U-turn. When the car came back around the victim noticed a Hispanic male in his late teens pointing a pistol in his direction. Victim ran and heard gunshots, eventually realizing he had been shot in the arm when he hid behind a corner. Victim decided to not seek treatment because of the small size of the wound, finally relenting when the pain became unbearable.

Person Shot 500 block of N American St 7:09pm

A 22-year-old male walked in to St. Joe’s Hospital with a gunshot wound in the groin area. Victim said he was standing around with friends when a black male approached and reached into his waistband. Victim heard gunshots and tried to run inside. Suspect fled north on American.


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