Events Calendar for the 11/10-11/13 Weekend

In Entertainment on November 9, 2011 at 1:00 pm

Thursday Nov. 10th

Classics III: New Horizons at the Atherton Auditorium 8pm $10-$55 (Also Saturday at 6pm)

The Stockton Symphony continues its Classics series this weekend with their New Horizons concert at Delta College. This week’s performance features accomplished accordian player Peter Soave. In addition to Soave, the Symphony will debut an Accordian Concerto written by Delta music teacher Max Simoncic. As always, a meet the maestro discussion begins 45 mins before the concert.

Friday Nov. 11th

Novacain, Better Days, and Synyrgy at the Plea for Peace Center 7pm $5

Stockton-based Novacain celebrates 16 years of slinkymaphoning their way through local music venues on Friday at the Plea for Peace Center. If you’re into a truly freeform music, then you must check this show out.

Saturday Nov. 12th

First Sip Harvest Celebration at numerous Lodi wineries 11am-4pm $45 (Ticket good for both Sat and Sun)

Wine tasting! I’m assuming some of those wineries will have bands or some sort of entertainment during this weekend-long event. If you like wine but hate having to pay tasting fees for wine you have no intention of buying, this could be the event for you.

Sunday Nov. 13th

Hmong New Year Celebration at the SJ County Fairgrounds

The 3-day Hmong New Year celebration concludes Sunday at the County Fairgrounds. It’ll have the typical celebratory stuff including food, dances, and some sort of sports competition. In addition to that stuff there are parties on Friday and Saturday night starting at 7pm if partying off of Charter Way Martin Luther King Jr Blvd at night is your kind of thing.


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