House shows provide different, intimate musical experience

In Entertainment on November 16, 2011 at 11:01 am


By Adam Messinger

You haven’t lived until you have been crammed into a kitchen with a bunch of strangers, listening to a band blasting music five feet away from your face. Last weekend, at 8542 Yarmouth Drive, Godspeed209, Steeproof, and Charles Albright melted my face off with their awesomeness.

As I stepped into the house, I saw a couple of my friends drinking their beers while watching a movie about an elf walking around with a ring. There were plenty of places to sit and talk between sets, and art covering the walls. The music starting at 8:30pm brought everyone rushing into the kitchen.

Godspeed209 started things off with lead singer John Steiner bellowing out the lyrics as the band pumped up the jams fast and hard. As the set went on, John became a one man mosh pit and rolled into the crowd with most of the people pushing him back toward the band. John got lost in the performance once the music started. It was almost as if the audience wasn’t there as he let the music consume his every move. As I sat and listened to Godspeed209, it made me wonder if this was the type of music you would hear if you walked into a house show in Washington circa 1988. It was heavy, and had a speedy girth to it. The lyrics were thick through John’s screams and if you could understand them, you had a skill that few posess. This didn’t stop me from enjoying the band though. They were too big for the kitchen, and thankfully they will show us what they can do on stage November 27 th at the Plea for Peace Center.

After Godspeed209’s set ended, Stockton’s soul of punk took the stage. That’s right, Steeproof is the soul of Stockton’s punk rock scene. Steeproof started out as Danny Sperry’s acoustic act which has evolved into a full band. I’ve seen Danny play multiple times in the last few years and he gets better with each performance. This was my second show seeing them as a full band and they did not disappoint. Their performance as a band was solid, and their songs were tight. Danny stuck with the acoustic guitar keeping in spirit with Steeproof’s roots. They belted out some beloved favorites such as “I Drink It Black” and “Planet Earth”. Possibly my favorite thing about Steeproof is the fun energy they project when performing. There is no doubt that they’re having fun playing when they take the stage. Another added bonus was they were handing out their new album “Winnemucca” between songs.

Closing out the night was Charles Albright from Sacramento. This was my first time seeing them, and if I had the chance I would see them again. They had a sound that was reminiscent of 90s underground alternative music when it was good, and combined it with an inspiring indy sound. They won me over with their cover of Nirvana’s Breed. Covering Nirvana is a make or break with me, and they pulled it off beautifully.

The show had a cover of $3 and was every bit worth it. The show ended fairly early enough for one to get to their 9am job the next day without too much exhaustion. It provided an intimate look at the bands. They will also be hosting a show on Saturday, November 19th at 7pm with a $3 cover. Next week’s line up consists of Kismet Aura, Monster Treasure, and Buttons. Monster Treasure and Kismet Aura are a couple favorites of mine and are sure to impress. They sound like no other local band I’ve heard. While I’m not familiar with Buttons, I do trust the hosts since they provided a killer line up for the most recent show.


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