Events Calendar for the Weekend of 11/24-11/27

In Entertainment on November 23, 2011 at 3:41 pm

Thursday Nov. 24th

Run & Walk Against Hunger at Banner Island Ball Park 8:00am $40 ($20 for kids)

Thursday is obviously Thanksgiving, a day for expressing gratefulness and gorging on food, alcohol, and football. Obviously most of you will be busy trying to avoid that Aunt that’s always trying to get you involved in her pyramid scheme, but if you feel like paying somebody so you can run then the 7th Annual Run and Walk Against Hunger fundraiser is the event for you. Raise some money for charity and…well…run. It’s what the season is all about. Plus, after dinner you won’t be able to run like that for a week, so it’ll be good to get it out of your system. Plus you should finish up before the HarBowl starts.

Friday Nov. 25th

The Wild Wild Firefighters at the Plea for Peace Center 7:00pm Free

Middagh Goodwin and Jim Ulrich reunite on Friday night to perform as one of their earliest acts, the Wild Wild Firefighters in this free show at the Plea For Peace Center with some of Stockton’s more talented musicians filling out the rest of the band.

Saturday Nov. 26th

Nothing. That’s right, I wasn’t able to find an event for Saturday. Oh well, there’s always minor league hockey.

Sunday Nov. 27th

Kismet Aura, Bears, Place Called Home, Godspeed, and The Village at the Plea for Peace Center 5:30pm $5

Rounding out the weekend is another Plea for Peace show since every other venue in Stockton seems to be taking the weekend off. If you’ve recovered from your food coma by Sunday then head on down to the Plea for Peace Center to see some pretty good local bands tear it up.


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