“The Migration Tour” comes to Stockton

In Entertainment on December 3, 2011 at 1:42 am

Wednesday night the Plea for Peace Center hosted Chris Staples, Gardening, Not Architecture, and the Corduroys.  While sometimes local bands take the stage, this was not one of those nights.  Gardening, Not Architecture and Chris Staples have been on their “Migration Tour” across the country, stopping in Patterson the night before.   While I love my Stockton bands, it was nice to see some music coming out of Seattle and Sacramento.

The evening started as Chris Staples took the stage.  Staples’ music hit me right out of the gate as he sang about Cincinnati and how it has fallen from the beautiful city it used to be.  His lyrics were poetic yet easy to relate to.  There is something compelling about a man pouring his heart and soul out through a guitar and singing.  I can’t really explain it, because its something you can only experience when you’re in the performers presence.  Staples’ words grabbed the crowd by the ear and gently strung it along the same path he walks.

Gardening, Not Architecture was the next performer on stage.  While Staples just was, GNA had a little more show elements to her performance.  To start with there were no lights except for a wall of dancing lights behind her.  There was a laptop set up next to her that played backing tracks as she played bass.  It was quite impressive to see her sing and play all the bass parts with precision.  The music of GNA was melodic, but her voice reminded me of the likes of Veruca Salt or Liz Phair.  Electornic drums, gutiar, bass, and a variety of other bells and whistles came together to form a nice harmony.  While she played all tracks from her first album, “First LP”, she revealed during the set that earlier in the week she had released a second album entitled “Saboteur”.  After hearing her set, I’m excited to hear more.  All of her music is available on iTunes and  You can find more information about her at, as well.

Video courtesy of Brian Bautista

The last band to take the stage was The Corduroys.  They were composed of Autumn Sky, Adrian Bourgeois and Brian Jennings.  All of the memebers hailed from Sacramento.  While they were relatively new as a band, all of them are established as solo musicians.  This brought a different feel to each of their songs, as they rotated through the three songwriters’ set lists.  Autumn and Brian both played guitar, while Adrian swapped between piano and guitar.  Early in their set they had to fight through technical problems but they didn’t let that stop them.  Their voices combined to form a smooth super voice which had quite a bit of texture to it.  As far as musical style goes, I would say that they skewed more towards the country/adult alternative side of things.  While it wasn’t my favorite style of music, their politeness on stage would make it difficult for even Stalin to dislike them.  He could probably do it though, because Stalin was a mean jerk.  The set lasted for the better part of an hour as they played song after song.

Overall the night was fun, and well worth the $5 entry fee.  The Plea for Peace Center continues to draw acts from all over as well as focus on the local scene.  The talent in the room was huge but I was rather saddened that more people didn’t make an attempt to come out.  While the Plea for Peace seems to have a decent turn out for their weekend shows, they do run a variety of shows during the week.  This was a good show that the weekend crowd missed out on.


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