Events Calendar for the Weekend of 12/15-12/18

In Entertainment on December 14, 2011 at 11:02 am

Thursday Dec. 15th

ABA Basketball at Lincoln High School 7pm

No, it’s not the 1970s and Dr J won’t be slumming it in a high school gym this season. These days the American Basketball Association is a fledgling minor league composed of teams with varying degrees of financial solvency. Stockton’s offering is the Port City Pirates, and on Thursday they’ll be playing what I assume is their division rival the Richmond Rockets (all games during the season are apparently played within the team’s division to presumably save on travel costs). The Pirates’ previous outing was a 22 point victory over something called the Shizuoka Gymrats (final score 142-120), so the league is apparently defense optional.

Friday Dec. 16th

Decemberween at the Plea for Peace Center 7pm $5

Speak for Yourself, the Vapidales, Skouts Honor, and The Electric Shoes play the Plea for Peace Center this weekend with the theme of covers. They’ll all be covering music by their favorite bands including New Found Glory and MxPx.

Saturday Dec. 17th

Hip-hop at the Plea for Peace Center 7pm

In a departure from their normal offerings, the Plea for Peace Center will feature multiple local hip-hop acts on Saturday. Young Cee, Boonut, Daynut, Filthy Family Ent., SOSA, and some live DJs will all be there for your enjoyment

Sunday Dec. 18th

“White Christmas” at the Bob Hope Theatre 2pm $8

If you haven’t gotten your fix of Christmas events yet, then head on down to the Bob Hope Sunday for a showing of the Bing Crosby classic “White Christmas”.


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