Dream job or dreamiest job?

In News on May 15, 2013 at 7:00 am
A screenshot of Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva's ad

A screenshot of Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva’s ad

Public Information Officer for the City of Stockton isn’t the only position Mayor Anthony Silva is trying to fill, he’s also been looking for a live-in personal assistant/aupair to help with his affairs according to a posting on the website In the ad, which features a picture of Silva with his son (who I blurred out in the screenshot), Silva boasts of his position as CEO of the Stockton Boy’s and Girl’s Club and production of “modeling events and pageants” (really?) but fails to mention his position as Mayor. Although, that could be owed to a poorly curated profile as the University Plaza Hotel’s most notorious resident  mentions his five bedroom home where his part time assistant is to live.

Yes, he stated "Females only" twice.

Yes, he stated “Females only” twice.

Silva’s perfect candidate doesn’t require much experience. The ad provides options for the amount of experience required in multiple categories that typical assistants would have such as light housekeeping, event/travel planning, and administrative support. Silva’s ad doesn’t necessitate experience in any of that. He only asks applicants to have more than one year experience in shopping and errands. That doesn’t mean Silva doesn’t care who applies for the job. The Mayor’s ideal candidate would be required to speak English and be female (which I guess is better than his PIO requirement of “like me”). In addition to those requirements, the female candidate would preferably be young and single. His reasoning for these preferences isn’t stated.

So if you meet the stringent criteria of being an 18-26 year old single female with a year or so of shopping under your belt and you don’t mind living with a single 38-year-old dude at his five bedroom house/hotel condo, you too could earn $200-$300 a week working for the Mayor of Stockton. Nobody can say he’s not a job creator.


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